Eclectic Well-Being
The Exploration

It all starts with our 30-Day introductory program, The Exploration. 


First take our Well-Being Overview, which consists of the Via Character Strengths survey, their PERMAH Profile, their Nutritional Initial Assessment Form, and our proprietary  Well-Being Self-Assessment Wheel. Afterwards we review this information with your and curate a personal path for you to succeed.


During this 30 day period, you also have access to everything in our Essentials Membership which is detailed below.

Internal Self

We define the Internal Self as that part of you that cannot be seen by others; your mind, your spirit, your consciousness, your thoughts. We've developed three classes to help in this area.


* Weekly Mind Work

 - A workout for your mind via a 30- to 45-minute class to reset your thoughts through a variety of mind exercises. These classes form the foundation to allow you to break free from negative patterns.


* Weekly Mind Rest

 - Deep relaxation for the mind via a 30-minute process of resting the mind and our emotional state of being. Just 30 minutes of this structured mind rest is equivalent to 3 hours of restful sleep.


* Weekly Restorative Rest

 - Deep relaxation via a 60-minute process allowing the mind, emotional being, and the body to find complete rest and relaxation. This class will have the stress melting away from your body and mind.

External Self

We define the External Self as everything having to do with your body. Here we have another three classes, plus the Nutritional Consultation.


* Weekly Solid Core

 - The core collectively refers to all of the muscles around the midsection of the body, in front, around the sides, and in the back. Performing this 30-minute class on a routine basis will help improve posture, reduce injuries, and alleviate pain.


* Weekly Stretch and Lengthen

 - This 60-minute class will gently stretch and lengthen the muscles, allowing for increased range of motion, improved flexibility, and pain relief. 


* Weekly Muscle Tone

 - This 60-minute class focuses on all of the major muscle groups and is designed to tone and strengthen without adding bulk. This class helps to keep your body strong and feeling youthful, and can help to ensure healthy longevity. 


Nutritional Consultation

 - This call will review the results of the Nutritional Assessment and allow for discussion of any nutrition-related topics and questions.

Connected Self

We define the Connected Self as that part of you that interacts with others. Here we have a variety of monthly activities designed for you to connect and share with others.


* Monthly Community Virtual Growth Activity

 - A community Zoom meeting exploring different wellness and mindset topics with Kathi, Mark, and a host of guest speakers from around the world. Topics may include: Vision Board Workshop, Money Mindset, Traveling Safely Post-Covid, Sustainability, Natural Healing Modalities, and more!


Monthly Community Nature Activity

 - A Monthly activity to bring the community to nature! Events planned include: First Day Hike, Snow Tubing, Rafting in the Poconos, Stand-Up Paddleboard down LBI, Apple Picking and more!

The Essentials

Items above marked with a star ( * ) are part of The Essentials program, our Foundational Membership which is part of all of our 1:1 Coaching packages. All the weekly classes and the Monthly Community Nutrition Call are Live and Recorded for All Membership to take at their convenience via our membership site.  


What you're getting - Value

• Well-Being Overview - $300

• The Essentials Membership - $336




Regular Price - $97




That's a savings of $579!

After your month of The Exploration, you can choose to curate a personal path with Essential Classes and One-to-One Coaching with either Mark or Kathi, OR you can continue with the Essential's Membership for as low as $53 a month! OR of course you can decide we are not the right fit for you.  There are no strings attached!  No long term commitment.