Enjoy Life through the Lens of a Child!

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🌞Explore what's right in front of you!

🌞Laugh at Simple Joys!

🌞Find time to Play!


Do you remember life as a kid in summertime?

Riding bikes. Exploring. Laughing.

Getting up every day with a simple purpose of Playing and enjoying life.

When was the last time you woke up to play? When did you last schedule time to laugh and enjoy living?

As adults we have responsibilities, it’s true. But what purpose is life if we don’t explore and laugh and play?

Come on a journey with me and learn to play again!


Explore, Laugh, and Play this summer!
✔Dance like no one is watching
✔Catch a lightening bug
✔Fly a kite
✔Paint a Rock
✔Jump in a rain puddle
✔Build a Blanket Fort
✔Roll in the grass
✔Listen to a bedtime story
Plus 21 more!


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It all starts June 20 the First Day of Summer!

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